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RMDS has been building data and AI communities with a collection of data scientists worldwide since 2009. We serve a robust, global community of companies and 40K+ data scientists, engineers, analysts, and researchers. We have the ability to elevate your business to the next level by forming a brand presence among the most prestigious community in the market.

Our experienced team is driven by the importance of a consistent, seamless, multi-dimensional brand experience for the consumer, allowing businesses to organically align with the right clients.


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RMDS Marketing Service - LinkedIn Community


RMDS LinkedIn Group now has 40K+ members and has been listed as 10 Top Data Science LinkedIn Groups for Practitioners. Put your products and services in front of data science professionals, to build, operationalize and accelerate your business at scale.


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RMDS Targeted Email Blast & Newsletters


Our email database allows you to strategically position your business with some of the most desired professionals, including AWS and AtScale, among others. RMDS will work closely with your business to provide the missing pieces to the puzzle. Our unique techniques allow us to comb through our database to make every marketing dollar count. We have an email database that engages with top data science professionals and decision-makers within various industries, including healthcare, information technology, computer software, the Internet, higher education, research, and a plethora more.

Clients turn to RMDS because of our reputable, custom-targeted email lists. We guarantee the highest customer satisfaction and the opportunity for your target audience to see your business in a new and respected light. We specialize in building custom email databases and launching effective email campaigns that provide you with efficiency and efficacy.



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