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Leveraging to Advance Your Data Science Career

Wednesday, June 30th 4:00-5:00pm​ PDT

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Webinar Overview:

Whether you are a student who wants to enhance your data science knowledge and network or a data science professional looking to take your research to the next level, RMDS Lab’s is the online platform that helps advance careers. Join us for this live event and learn how thousands of our members use, its tools and resources that enhance their research and increase the success rate of their work.

Learn how you can
• Connect with established data scientists in the field
• Take courses to stay up to date on trends in data science and AI
• Receive certification to stand out on your resume
• Publish your work through our platform and partners such as Taylor & Francis Group
• Utilize points to collaborate on projects with other data scientists from all over the world
• Obtain workflows and data sets to aid your research


About our CEO

Dr. Alex Liu is one of the world’s top experts for big data analytics and machine learning as applied to business and social research, especially to produce positive social impacts. He is well regarded as a thought leader and distinguished data scientist, certified by IBM and the Open Group. Dr. Liu is a pioneer and lead developer of data science ecosystem approaches as well as the RM4Es with AI.

Dr. Liu has been working on data science research and practice for over 20 years, and he is one of few known experts who applied data science to a wide range of fields, including aging, communities, customer retention, democracy, entrepreneurship, health care, international relations, marketing, education, risk, spiritual capital and philosophy.

The RMDS community was pioneered by Dr. Alex Liu, former IBM Chief Data Scientist, nearly ten years ago via the association Global Research and Methods Lab. It began as a community for innovative researchers and data scientists to discuss and collaborate through meetings and its online forum, which has now grown to over 40,000 participants. RMDS Lab was later formally established as a data ecosystem provider to support the community through continued events and discussion, hands-on and web-based training, a web platform for collaboration and research resources, such as RMDS’ proprietary RM4Es and ResearchMaps.

Under Dr. Liu’s leadership, RMDS aims to empower researchers, data scientists and analysts with the RM4Es frameworks and RMDS technologies specially developed for the new era of AI.